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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Is talking about your DREAMS too revealing???

I had the Strangest Dream"If you're not living on the're taking up too much room." Rev. Doctor Michael Beckwith

Talk about transparent! There is nothing more revealing than talking about your dreams. Sharing your dreams is like walking through the spiritual/psychological metal detector at the airport...there is nothing that doesn't get seen! If you are an uber private person, then you might think twice about sharing your dreams. However, if you are the type who wears their soul on their sleeve, then there is nothing more expeditiously delicious than dream sharing.

In the Age of Aquarius, that we find ourselves in, and especially with 2012 just minutes away, the word, "Transparency" (with a capital "T") is the theme. With technology revealing any and all shadows--we might as well beat Google to the punch and live like the naked angels we really are.

And speaking of intimate...yesterday I had a delicious and dreamy time talking with the amazing Dr. Elizabeth Lambaer on her radio show. If you've ever wondered what your flying dreams mean, or how to best remember your dreams, you'll definitely want to pull up a pillow and listen in!

To your dreams,   
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